Friday, 11 April 2014

C Programming: Introduction

C is a high level programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie. Originally developed for UNIX operating system and was first implemented in the year of 1972 on Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11.
There are in total 3 level of languages:
• Machine Language
• Assembly Language
• High Level Language
Machine Language deals with binary codes that is on and off (1’s and 0’s). This language is easily understood by machine and hence called as machine language.
Assembly Language can understand few words like add for addition, sub for subtraction. Programmers had to memorize all those mnemonics to create a program.
High Level Language are modern level programming platforms which in most efficient and easy to use as compared to other level of programming. Here we can use phrases or words which are similar to what we read or write.
C Programming language is widely used because of many reasons, few are listed bellow:
• Very easy to learn
• Language is structured
• Creates efficient programs
• Handle low level tasks like accessing low level memory
• Can be operated in various computers

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